Everyone can train and learn Taekwondo!

Come and experience a complete training concept that combines the best of traditional taekwondo, martial arts, fitness, self-defense and competitive taekwondo
(within World Taekwondo).

Our training concept is suited for everyone seven years of age or older, regardless of goals, gender, ethnicity, or religion. We have a broad spectrum of age groups and abilities from beginners to national champions and a nearly equal gender ratio and encourage a friendly and inclusive attitude.

Our coaches are carefully selected based on experience and leadership qualities and have completed their training with the club’s founder Yacir Persson Chelbat, with 40 years of experience within different martial arts. The club was founded in 1994 and has been active for over 27 years.

We offer an unbeatable form of training or everyone that are looking for strength, agility and self defence. A place where family can train and have fun together. We offer an unbeatable form of training for anyone that is looking for: improved flexibility, strength, better stamina, agility, self-defense training, a gold medal, a black belt, making new friends, or a place where the family and friends can train and have fun together.

Come and train with us!

If you are interested in experiencing a training session or have any questions you are welcome to contact us at info.hollvikentaekwondo@gmail.com

You can find our training schedule here.